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醫療, 健康與品質報8號 2008/01/01 Health Renaissance No. 8

醫療, 健康與品質報8號 2008/01/01 新春平安!

Health Renaissance No. 8

8號 2008/01/01 主編:鍾漢清

創刊: 2007/12/25

Quote from W. Edwards Deming:
Monetary rewards are not a substitute for intrinsic motivation.


Tamiflu Dilemma

Two years after Roche was criticized for not making enough Tamiflu, the drug maker can't find enough buyers for the bird-flu treatment.

醫療英文 學習 :美國監獄感染遺雲infection

infection (noun [C or U] ━━ n. 伝染(病); 汚染; (悪)影響; 感化; 【コンピュータ】感染.)等約十單字

Paris Isn’t Burning
Even the French are obeying a government ban on public smoking.


取材東森新聞報 -

騎樓外電動搖搖車藏危險 消基會呼籲下架







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中國通過禁毒法 吸毒不構成犯罪








President Bush signed legislation extending a popular children's health insurance program, after twice vetoing attempts to expand it.

lung injuries tied to "Waterproofing Sprays" 這類防水噴罐的成份fluoropolymer化學品 問題爭議不斷

Pedal Power

For Congressman, Life in Bike Lane Comes Naturally

By Greg Hitt

Word Count: 1,203

WASHINGTON -- A little after 6:00 one morning, Earl Blumenauer emerged from his Capitol Hill row house. The temperature hovered near 40 degrees and it was really raining. The Oregon congressman hopped on his rust-colored Trek Portland, an aluminum-frame bicycle with a carbon front fork designed to absorb road shock, and pedaled to his office.

Though he was alone on the road, and despite the downpour, he stopped at every red traffic signal. At one odd-shaped intersection, Mr. Blumenauer mused aloud about all the streets jutting off at odd angles. Perfect for a traffic circle, he suggested.

Later that morning, ...

Congress's gridlock meant that some -- including health insurers and hedge funds -- avoided tax increases or subsidy cuts.

Settlement Boosts Stock Of American Dental

December 27, 2007 4:33 p.m.

American Dental Partners Inc. said it agreed to transfer leases and assets to a Minneapolis dentists group two weeks after a local jury hit American Dental with about $131 million in damages seen as having far-reaching implications for clinics and hospitals.

Shares of the Wakefield, Mass., dental practice management company surged 77%, or $4.18, to $9.70 Thursday on the Nasdaq Stock Market. At the time of the original judgment, the stock plunged 67%.

American Dental Partners said Thursday it disagrees with the court's verdict but said a settlement was in its "best interest."

On Dec. 13, a Minnesota district court jury awarded the PDG PA dentists group, which operates the Park Dental and Dental Specialist clinics in Minneapolis, compensatory damages of $88.3 million plus punitive damages of $42.3 million.

The dentists had accused American Dental, to which they had outsourced a large chunk of their administrative operations, of exceeding its legal authority and granting itself unreasonable fees. American Dental is affiliated with 26 dental group practices which have 261 dental facilities located in 18 states.

After the award was announced, the District Court of Hennepin County, Minn., ordered the parties to engage in mediation talks.